Organisational structure


Figure  A. Diagram at the basic organization level (the Authority and Faculty Bodies)


The Dean's Collegium is the Dean's advisory body that consists of:

  • Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
  • Vice Dean for Science and Inter-faculty Cooperation
  • Vice Dean for Finances and Business Organization
  • Faculty Secretary

The Senior Staff
is the Dean's advisory body that consists of Vice Deans, the Secretary and the heads of departments.

The Boards and Committees
of the Faculty are: Board for Graduation and Final Exams, Committee for Obtaining a Doctoral Degree, Committee for Postgraduate Studies, Committee for Publishing Activities, Committee for Verifying Compliance with the Conditions for the Election to Titles and Conditions of the Rector’s Assembly, Award Committee, Committee for Additional Validation of Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (motivational interview), Committee for Theological-Pastoral Seminar, Ethics Committee, Committee for Quality Assurance and Improvement of Higher Education, Working Group for Learning Outcomes, Committee for Teaching and Students, Library Council, Committee for Assistance to Students with Lower Socio-economic Status.


Figure B. The diagram of organizational units of the Catholic Faculty of Theology in Đakovo
(Decision of the Faculty Council on Faculty organization in 2022./2023. - 12. September 2022.)




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