Tihana Kuterovac, mag. iur., secretary

(++385) 031/802-402
(++385) 031/802-403
tajnistvo [et]


Office of human resources, general and administrative activities:

Mislav Jerković, mag. iur., associate coordinator

(++385) 031/802-404
(++385) 031/802-403
kadrovska [et]

Željko Filajdić, dipl. theol., associate coordinator for publishing

 (++385) 031/802-406
(++385) 031/802-403
diacovensia [et]
izdavastvo [et]



Quality Assurance, Science, Projects and International Cooperation Office:

Antonija Pranjković, dipl. teol., office manager

(++385) 031/802-422
(++385) 031/802-403
kvaliteta [et]


Students' office:

Lidija Drmić, dipl. teol., office manager

(++385) 031/802-405
(++385) 031/802-408
referada [et]
(Otvoreno za studente: 9.45 - 10.15 sati, 12.30 - 14.00 sati)


Accounting and finance office:

Anđa Čota, dipl. oec., office manager

(++385) 031/802-407
(++385) 031/802-408
racunovodstvo [et]

Susanne Simon Kolarević, referent

(++385) 031/802-407
(++385) 031/802-408
racunovodstvo [et]


Office of Computer Network and Communication Systems:

Marin Ivanišić, professor of mathematics and computer science, office manager

(++385) 031/802-413
(++385) 091/224-3413
sistemac [et]


Office of Technical and Maintanance Affairs:

Zvonko Sabolski, janitor, office manager

(++385) 091/224-3400

Vladimir Tolušić, doorman

Đurđica Bjelobrk, cleaning lady

Katarina Horniš, cleaning lady

Perka Poplašen, cleaning lady



Anica Aščić, cleaning lady

Matija Nedić, cleaning lady


Special services

Doc. dr. sc. Antun Japundžić, educator in Hall of Residence and the commissioner for formation of lay students

(++385) 031/810-050
antun.japundzic [et]

Contact us

Catholic Faculty of Theology in Đakovo

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Faculty: HR4523900011100474440
Dorm: HR3123900011500027586


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