Work in the reading room

Work in the reading room

  • By entering the reading room, coats, bags and umbrellas are left in the dressing room (space right before the entrance to the reading room).
  • Food and drink can't be brought in and consumed in the reading room.
  • Bring only the most needed stationery in the reading room.
  • Please do not put back used material (books and magazines) by yourself! Leave them on the edge of the table and librarian will put them back in their place.
  • If you need to use the material for a while, please fill out the form "Study" which can be found on the desk of the library and leave tucked the form with books. Books will be waiting for you at the table next 2 weeks.
  • Every day the reference literature back on the shelf, and for it doesn't applies rule of retention on the table two weeks - you can always find the dictionaries, manuals and magazines on the shelves, in their place.
  • In the reading room should be quiet - and if you talk to someone, do it quietly not to disturb other students. It si forbidden to talk by mobile phone in the reading room!
  • Writing seminars: in the reading room there are 4 computers which you can use for writing the seminars. They have no printers, so bring a floppy disk, CD or USB stick to save your work.


Note for researchers:

According to the SNFK regulation, chapter 37.:

Valuable books of general culutre character, magazines and older releases (up to 1950) can be read in the reading room of the library. The same can not be photocopied.


So please:

  • announce yourself by telephone or e-mail 3 days before with a list of items that you want to study
  • you can bring your own laptop to work in the reading room or a camera to record the necessary material for your research

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