• In the vision of teaching through the next period, it's planned to introduce a constant innovations of new scientific knowledge in the modernization of existing through the development of new study programs, promote the concept of lifetime learning and continuous education through various forms of formal and informal learning, fostering creativity, deepening and maintaining cooperation with similar institutions of higher education abroad.
  • Our intention is to develop effective strategies and outcomes for the development and improvement of study programs, including space for greater interdisciplinarity and coverage of the program to modern theological and philosophical discussions, comply with internationally recognized standards in teaching and scientific research.
  • Catholic Theological Faculty as a strategic objective has a life-long formation of its students, offering them various forms of professional and scientific specialization, as well as the many and varied forms of training in professional theological and pastoral organization of seminars and specialist postgraduate courses and doctoral programs.To make permanent education been performed on more quality level as professional eminent speakers for certain scientific areas, we intend to launch a joint and / or joint programs of postgraduate doctoral studies, in collaboration with the Catholic Faculty of Theology, church schools and other higher education institutions humanistic orientation.
  • Long-term goals of educational vision will be monitored through ongoing verification of the results achieved and ongoing commitment to improving the quality of teaching and scientific research.They should implement openness to the public, ie. Transparency of the system of study and strengthening the awareness of the importance of the quality of studies, and promoting internal quality, which includes monitoring and reflection on the results achieved with the aim of continual improvement.It relates to the need for a clearer system for monitoring and continuous evaluation of planned and implemented competence curriculum program, outlined in more detail the scope of the expected knowledge, skills, independence and responsibility by trying to ensure its students.
  • In our Strategy Paper development, there is an institutional obligation to steady growth in the quality of studies, the general human and Christian formation of students, in which better functioning of all bodies and departments within the faculty and their networking at national level, better coordination of religious educational institutions with the highest bodynational level in a common intention to improve the qualifications framework, occupational standards and the creation of better employment policy.(Horizontal and vertical progression would allow the optimum use of all resources in the acquisition of the necessary competencies for the labor market needs of individuals and society in general.)
  • Our intention is to create more favorable conditions for student exchange with European and other universities under the Erasmus program +, inter-institutional agreements and bilateral agreements on the exchange of students and (in) the teaching staff with clearly defined parameters viable equivalence credits and comparison of related study programs fit into the Croatian Qualificationsframework and European Qualifications Framework.

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