Borrowing policy

Borrowing policy

  • The library is primarily intended for students and professors of the Faculty.
  • Books are borrowed to students who are enrolled in the current academic year.
  • By the first borrowing of books users will get the seal in index that testifies to borrow books. At the end of each semester / year, all books must be returned by the user. Without the returned books and seals in the index user - the student can not enroll in the next semester and year.
  • In the borrowing books form, which you can find at the university (beside the mailbox for the application form), please provide the requested information. Insert the completed form for ordering books in the box for applications up to 11 AM. The requested literature can be taked over the same day, after 12 o'clock.
  • You can borrow 3 books from the library. You can keep the borrowed books for 15 days, after that you must return or you can once again "extend" the borrowed books to another 15 days.
  • You can "extend" the borrowed books even by telephone on Library's phone number.
  • After the expiry of the loan period, if the deadline is not extended, overdue charges of 0.50 kn per day and the title.
  • Users undertake to preserve the structure in good condition. Destroyed or damaged book user is required to buy on his own charge.
  • Reference library doesn't lend from the library (encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries, rare titles, etc.). Also, you can't borrow any magazine.
  • For the study of archives, you can use the form for ordering books. Archival material can't be taken out of the reading room, and neither photocopying is not recommended.
  • For external users feel free to use the reading room.



  • For regularly enrolled students and other users, the book can be ordered every day from 10 to 18 o'clock.
  • For each ordered book you need to fill out a form for borrowing books.
  • 4 titles can be ordered and 3 can be borrowed.
  • The ordered books must be picked up the next day; otherwise the reservation is canceled.

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