The Great chancellor of the faculty

   Mons. dr. sc. Đuro Hranić
   Đakovo-Osijek Archbishop and Metropoliatn






Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Dugalić, PhD

(++385) 031/802-400

(++385) 091/224-3401

dekan [et]


Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Assoc. Prof. Suzana Vuletić, PhD

(++385) 031/802-400

(++385) 091/224-3415

suzana.vuletic [et]


Vice Dean for Science and Inter-faculty Cooperation

Assoc. Prof. Stjepan Radić, PhD

(++385) 031/802-400

(++385) 091/224-3409

stjepan.radic [et]


Prodekan za financije i organizaciju poslovanja

Doc. dr. sc. Stanislav Šota

(++385) 031/802-400


stanislav.sota [et]



Tihana Kuterovac, mag. iur.

(++385) 031/802-402

(++385) 031/802-403

tajnistvo [et]


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Catholic Faculty of Theology in Đakovo

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Faculty: HR4523900011100474440
Dorm: HR3123900011500027586


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